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WS Sanctuary

Women's Sprituality, Women's Studies

WS Sanctuary: Women's Spirituality Women's Studies
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Welcome to WS Sanctuary

The aim of "WS Sanctuary" is to foster and maintain a supportive, safe gathering place in which to share our stories/personal mythos, as well as to share information and images pertaining to "women's studies", "women's spirituality", "feminist philosophy", "feminist theory", "women's mysteries", "gender studies", "the sacred feminine", and the mythos of being a woman in society-- the present, but also remembering lessons from the past and envisioning the future.

Keeping the aim of "WS Sanctuary" clear, this community is open to everyone needing a respite from the daily stresses. We welcome everyone interested in; currently studying; or alumnae of any of the above mentioned fields. Our community welcomes all; while this community is open to people of all genders, a gentle reminder that the aim of this group is to create a safe, supportive and unconditionally understanding environment for women, first and foremost. With this atmosphere, all members then feel free to express our own unique creativity, beliefs, opinions, and intellectual thoughts in regards to topics/issues ranging from women's faith to women's studies.

Please report any spam/abuse/misuse of this community to the LJ Abuse team.
If you'd like to moderate this community, please email: ws.sanctuary @ gmail dot com

Suggested New Member Intro Questions:

  1. What is your lj username?

  2. What is your name?
    --- for instance, do you have a spiritual name/nick-name, which you'd prefer to go by in this community?

  3. How did you come by WS Sanctuary?

  4. Are you spiritual or philosophical or both?
    --- for instance, at which end of the spectrum are you: "Women's Spirituality" (aka "Feminist Spirituality") or "Women's Studies" (aka "Feminist Philosophy")?
    --- if spiritual, which tradition or path do you follow? how long you've been practicing?
    --- if philosophical, which philosophy do you mostly identify with?

  5. What biological age or age range are you: teen/ 20s/ 30s/ 40s/ 50s/ 60s/ 70 & elder?
    --- Do you have a "spiritual age"? (i.e. maiden, mother, or crone?)
    --- astrological info?

  6. Where on earth are you, physically? :-) (west coast/ east coast / mid-west/ other country)?
    --- Home truly is where the heart is-- Where do you *consider* home?
    --- Do you have any house familiars (i.e. cat, dog, others)?

  7. If you are spiritual, are you dedicated to a deity/deities?

  8. What is your "life's passion" or "life's work?

  9. What do you hope to find within this community?
    --- What do you hope to share/contribute within this community?

  10. Anything else you'd like to share with us or would like to know?

New Member Guidelines are viewable here...

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