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07 May 2006 @ 01:53 pm

We have a couple of pending membership requests inthe queue, but have not yet received the individual responses to the membership intro questions...
A reminder, to join WS Sanctuary please go HERE and follow the membership instructions.
Once we've received your responses to the new member intro questions, then we'll proceed with the membership request. Thanks!


The WS Sanctuary Community Guidelines Are:

  • The suggested New Member Intro Questions can be found here... Feel free to post your response to the as a comment, or feel free to post a new entry with your intro;

  • The vast majority of community journal entries are viewable only to members, so log-into your LJ account in order to read the most recent discussions;

  • Be supportive and sensitive to fellow members' posts. Everyone should feel free to express a belief/opinion without feeling pre-judged or attacked; intellectual thought is welcomed and encouraged, but above all, be open-minded and open to many ways of thinking and being;

  • Be respectful (i.e. No hate speech/flaming, No spam/excessive blatant self-promotion, nor any disruptiveness, hostility and negativity-- whatsoever --will be permitted here);

  • No 'trolling', (posting rude/offensive entries to disrupt discussion or to upset members.) If there is no discussion you find interesting or if you have not found the answer to a question, then propose relevant topics or ask a question relevant to the aim of the community, but absolutely NO trolling will be tolerated;

  • Community promos are only allowed here if you have been an active member (i.e. you participate/post often). Anyone else wishing to promote their own communities/groups/forums must email the Maintainer/Moderator(s) at:     ws.sanctuary at gmail.com;

  • If there is ever any content and/or behavior, which you feel goes against any of our Community Guidelines, contact the LJ Abuse team;

  • As is with life, you get back what you put in. What you contribute to this community will be returned to you in many abundant and often unexpected ways. If you find that you visit ws_sanctuary often and follow the discussions, please also do contribute YOUR unique opinions, insights, thoughts, beliefs, art, research, humour etc. If you contribute and post entries, you'll keep your posting access. If you never contribute, your access will be limited;

  • We all need a good laugh these days, and we certainly do NOT want to take ourselves too seriously-- so posting jokes and fun, silly stuff is fine, but (a) please lable the "Subject" with "HUMOR"; and (b) have it relate to the areas of Women's Spirituality, and/or Women's Studies;

  • Posting "offtopic" entries is fine, but keep them to a minimum and lable the "Subject" with "OFFTOPIC";

  • As much as humanly possible, it's very important to include sources for things you post images and/or information in entries and comments. If you post images, please include captions and copyright info; if you post an article/research paper/poetry/excerpts, please include author and/or web address/book etc. (If have a hard time finding source info, be sure to ask the Maintainer (gmythic) or any Moderator(s) for assistance.) Any unsourced photos, artwork, articles, quotes or excerpts will be removed by the Maintainer or Moderator(s);

  • ... And perhaps most importantly, relax here and enjoy your time at ws_sanctuary! :-)

[FYI: These guidelines are always easily accessible in the "Memories (Frequently Accessed Entries) section of "WS Sanctuary"; choose the "Community_Guidelines" link there.]

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19 March 2006 @ 04:29 am

The first community post...

Welcome to ws_sanctuary!

IMPORTANT: Members-- please be sure to do the following two things before diving into "WS Sanctuary":

  • Please visit the "Introductions" entry and post your responses to the New Member Introductory Questions, answering only what you feel comfortable sharing;

  • All members are gently reminded to read the "WS Sanctuary Member Guidelines".

  • then, jump right in-- post any and all journal entries related to Women's Spirituality and Women's Studies; post goddess and/or feminist art; post articles, poems, quotes and research of interest; post about any situation or issue you are encountering or have encountered; post your 'mythos' or story of YOU; post fun and silly stuff relating to women's spirituality/women's studies, or even the occasional offtopic post.

    This place is your Sanctuary. We're all glad you're here. Relax, breathe easy and enjoy your time here at ws_sanctuary!

    This community has gotten started at Spring Equinox, a very auspicious time for new beginnings.

    Community Blessing

    "... Let there be equilibrium... between love for yourself and your growing passions.
    Celebrate the balance in the universe by incorporating balance into your own life.
    Allow time for relationships with family, friends, and lovers---
    tempered with alone space.
    Nurture yourself by bathing in hot water infused with orgainic herbs and sea salts...
    ... Rejoice in the return of the Sun for after equal night, every day is brighter than the next!"

    "Spring Equinox", Tosca, Mother Tongue Ink, 2004

    Trinity: Mother of the World

    ... Blessed Be.

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